Meet The Producer Who Lives In A Slum Hotel + Makes Beats On A $10 Computer


Kevin Bouzane. Remember that name.

Kevin lives in Canada’s poorest postal code, in a slum hotel called the Regent.

VICE recently covered the housing complex and the issues that surround it. Kevin Bouzane is one of many residents fighting for a better way of life.

The single room occupancy hotel (SRO) is filled with some of Vancouver’s poorest residents, housed in small rooms down long corridors with shared bathrooms. It’s also one of the city’s top violators of the residential tenancy act, with 121 current health and safety issues.

Kevin Bouzane is a hip-hop producer and head of Hastings Street Records…which he runs off a computer he got for $10 on the street.

We reached out to Kevin for an exclusive interview and are waiting on a response.

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