Mannie Fresh On Ableton: “Whoever Ableton Is, He’s A Crazy Nerd”


The legendary Mannie Fresh recently sat down with The Source in Toronto, Canada.

Topics of discussion included Mannie’s favorite producers, his preference on software vs hardware, and his relationship with Lil Wayne + Birdman.

When The Source asked “What percentage of your beat making is software/hardware and have you changed this formula over time?”, Mannie had an interesting response.

I’m just getting into software. Most of my old stuff is MPC drum machines and SP1200s. Now I’m on Ableton. So yeah I’m just getting into it and I think whoever Ableton is, he’s a crazy nerd because it’s endless what you can do on Ableton. He sounds like somebody who’s mind was always fussing at him and his mind was like “Ableton what are you doing?! he would be like I’m working on something!”

The Source went on to ask about his favorite producers, and the legendary producer wasn’t ashamed of naming some of the OG’s like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Mannie added, “In Hip-Hop, I’d still say Kanye. I like Mike WiLL, damn it can go on, Sonny Digital, 40. Like you know, I like dudes that can actually do albums and just not one song.”

You can read the full interview – Via The Source