Kendrick Lamar Wants To Work With Swizz Beatz


Is a Kendrick Lamar and Swizz Beatz collaboration coming soon?

While Swizz hasn’t worked with K.Dot yet, his 5-year-old son, Egypt, was credited as a producer on untitled unmastered.

The duo took to Swizz‘ Instagram on July 21st, and Kendrick had some words for all the “younger” hip-hop fans out there…

“Being a student of rap, when I first started rhyming, what I used to do is check the fucking credits. This is something that I don’t know, you know, the kids are doing today, but I’m going to explain to you. Checking the credits, this is how I know I wanna work with Swizz Beatz one day. I remember my favorite fucking beats—checking the credits—say Swizz Beatz on them.”

While there is no word of a future collaboration coming, we can only imagine the two are brewing something up, but probably after Swizz and Timbos beat battle ?