Just Blaze Shares His Methodology For Seeking Inspiration


Just Blaze recently sat down with HipHopDX to talk to them about his relationship with Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” & what formula he uses to inspire his production choices.

HipHopDX says, “Just Blaze shares his methodology for seeking inspiration and tells why he insisted the members of Slaughterhouse record together in person for “Glass House.”

About every time, scratch that–every time Jay Z steps on a stage and announces his presence with “Public Service Announcement,” Just Blaze’s omnipresence blares through the surround sound system guiding Hov, bar to bar, with a haunting piano sample. Anyone can pull a sound, but the art of crafting an anthem around it has been a staple for Just Blaze since 1999.

On the charts, Just Blaze has produced numerous hits like T.I.’s “Live Your Life,” and Kanye West’s “Touch The Sky,” and for Hip Hop connoisseurs, those hits include The Diplomats’ “I Really Mean It,” and Fabolous’ “Breathe.” Justin Smith, known by his iconic drop, “Just Blaaaze,” first popularized on Joe Budden’s Grammy-nominated single, has fabricated emotional, nostalgic and/or gritty attitudes through the use of spontaneous samples within his beats. Ultimately, leaving it up for the listeners to consume and decide its fates. When HipHopDX caught up with him, the East Coast producer (turned executive producer for Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album) was across the pond performing for international crowds, because you have to remember, music is its own universal language and he’s quite the storyteller.”

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