I Joined BeatStars…Now What?


You have the beats. You have the work ethic and determination. You want to learn, and you want to grow.

So you join BeatStars

Now what?

It’s a valid question. With a simple answer…

There is a lot to do.

We recommend checking out our producer tips and seminar videos, along with following us on Twitter.

We also recommend networking & listening to other members beats and songs. Interacting, connecting and building with them. And make sure you research, study and improve your craft daily.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Realize it, set goals and a plan. Exercise patience and celebrate your accomplishments ? ??

But there’s more…

We asked a few of our veteran members what they thought and they provided us with some great info. Now we are passing that info to YOU!

Their feedback is honest, helpful and heartfelt. They (and we) want to see everyone succeed, do what they love and provide for their families.

So what should you do after your join BeatStars?

Read this article and get to work ?

Beat Demons

After signing up I suggest they keep their brand consistent on all other social media platforms (colors, logo, name) & always be sure to include a custom URL to direct traffic back to their ProPage/Website.

The Cratez

1. Upload your logo artwork.
2. Design your pro page, connect pro page to your website URL for promo.
3. Customize your licenses and contracts.
4. Upload your Beats and Kits – get an own voice tag for your beats – tag your beats the right way (mood, artist type etc.).
5. Schedule your promotion for and on BeatStars.

DJ Pain 1

1. I would personally have a fair amount (maybe 10) beats (and Youtube videos to market each beat) ready to go the second I went live with my BeatStar’s store.
2. Install your pixel code via Facebook and learn how to use it.
3. Use promotions such as free beats/free sound kits to collect email addresses of potential customers and send regular updates to your subscribers to market new beats and kits.
4. Do this consistently over time and you will build a solid foundation for your online beat sales.

Kato On The Track

1. GO SELL. The beats won’t sell themselves, you have to be the #1 salesman every month.
2. HAVE GOOD PRODUCT AND BRANDING. A million other Producers are trying to do the same thing as you. You are selling a PRODUCT, so create your own lane and audience by differentiating your product from everyone else.
3. BE CONSISTENT. Probably the biggest key to getting sales regularly. Upload at least once a week.
4. BET ON YOUR STRENGTHS. If your biggest platform is on YouTube, upload your beats there. If it’s Instagram, start plugging them there. Get the word out without spamming and BE UNIQUE in your approach.
5. LEARN. Study the game, learn marketing, be resourceful.

Dreamlife Beats

1. The Visuals and Branding

The visual aspect to marketing is super important when selling beats online. Every producer marketing beats should have a good logo and branding, get that in place before you start marketing your beats. Beatstars also allows you to upload different artwork for each beat. Find an effecient way to create your artwork or start working with a designer to make sure profile and page is visually appealing.

2. Catalog is king

There’s thousands of producers actively selling beats online right now, the competition is fierce. So when you do get an artists attention and they come to your site to check out your music, you need to make it worth their time.
You can do that by making sure you have a decent number of beats in your catalog. A good number to aim for as a starting point is 30-50 beats, and wide variety in your style (originality is key to long term success). It’s also important to include stems and track outs so that you can offer higher price points. Many artists will be looking for tracked out beats and you can offer them at a higher price point.

3. Tags and BPM

Make sure when you are uploading your beats to Beatstars you use the tag function correctly. The tags will allow people to find your beats on the Beatstars marketplace via the keywords you have selected. Make sure they are relevant so people can find your beats based on what they are looking for, it will increase the traffic to your beats and your chance of a sale. It’s also important to include the BPM information for each and every one of your beats, many artists look for beats based on BPM as well.

4. Get Out there with a marketing plan.

Once you have your catalog in place and everything is looking and sounding A1, the next step is to have an account on each social media platform. Get your socials in order and start to interact with the community, connect with people and share your music (not to be confused with spamming). Many of the social media platforms also offer paid advertisement, this is where you can market your website to other users of the platform and is excellent way to get targeted traffic to your site. Brush up on the different ways to do it (some amazing video’s on Youtube) and set your self a plan and manageable budget to start out, remember, scared money don’t make money.

5. Put in the work, and be patience.

Once you are getting traffic and have a way for people to reach your site, this is when the real work starts. Create your self an upload schedule and get to creating more beats and content. Consistency is key when it comes to uploading beats, so stick to the plan. The most important tip, which is why I left it til last is…..be patient. As with every other business, it takes time to develop and to create a brand awareness. Stick to your marketing plan and upload schedule even when things are slow, in the long run it will pay off.