Introducing Blaze Pro Embeddable Player and Music Store

BeatStarsBlaze Pro Announcment

The success of Pro Page 2 led BeatStars to want to create something special for Free and Pro users who can’t access Pro Page 2 yet.

The new Blaze Pro player launches today (4/3) exclusively for registered BeatStars users. Blaze Pro is an updated, flexible, fully-customizable, embeddable, standalone music player and store where you can showcase your productions and easily convert listeners into customers. The Blaze Pro is now available in your My Media dashboard here.

Sell Your Beats Right to Customers Through Blaze Pro

BeatStars Blaze Pro User Login Dropdown Menu

BeatStars Blaze Pro User Login Dropdown Menu

Users that visit your Blaze Pro page can quickly and easily listen to your tracks before purchasing via PayPal or credit card (Stripe).

Similar to Pro Page 2, customers can register/log in through your Blaze Pro player to save their lyrics, negotiate prices with you, and access their files/purchases. As an added bonus, when people register through your page, their information is saved to your Customer Section so you can stay in touch with your customers.

Blaze Pro is built around the same framework as Pro Page 2, so the design is sleek, modern, responsive (for mobile) and fully-customizable. You can modify fonts, your logo, backgrounds, and much more.

The best feature to come with Blaze Pro, though, is the incorporation of YouTube videos as motion backgrounds for your tracks.

How to Get More Views On YouTube with Blaze Pro

BeatStars users have traditionally kept YouTube in sync with their BeatStars account; when a beat is uploaded to BeatStars, producers like to also upload that beat to YouTube, as YouTube is still a very big avenue for producers to earn sales and recognition.

With Blaze Pro, now you can add related videos from YouTube to your tracks. What this will do is embed a YouTube video behind your track player, so when users play that track, they are also “viewing” your YouTube video.

This means that for every play on your Blaze Pro player, you also earn a play on the YouTube video that you embed in the track, thus driving plays to your YouTube videos and BeatStars tracks at the same time. As if you needed a better reason to start using Blaze Pro!

To get your YouTube videos to play in the background on the new Blaze Pro & Pro Page 2, watch the steps to adding related videos below:

Additional Features

If you’re loving the new YouTube integration with Blaze Pro, you should know that you can make several “featured” tracks and add related videos to all of them, meaning you can be earning views on multiple YouTube videos and BeatStars tracks.

Another new feature is the ability to create sub-playlists for your beats. This way, you can organize your beats into specific categories so users can easily organize your beats by playlists. Common playlists would be “artist-type” playlists or genre-specific playlists (i.e. trap, west-coast, old school, etc.)

The new search engine created by BeatStars and implemented in Pro Page 2 is also now available in Blaze Pro players. If you’re unaware of the significance of this search engine, I suggest you check out why this and keyword tags on your beats are so important.

Check out The Cratez’ Blaze Pro Player below as an example:

Get started with Blaze Pro and be sure to follow us for future updates! Watch the official Periscope announcement below: