How To Get A&R Attention


(Photo Courtesy of Lenny Kravitz, Google)

Shawn Cohen and Jon Vetri, A&R’s  at Wind-up Records, put together a list of things to get the attention of A&R’s. Now, not everyone is chasing down A&R’s, but if you are seeking their attention, check out Shawn & John’s recommendations on Sonicbids.

Are you seeking A&R attention? If so, what are you doing to get your brand in front of labels and A&R’s?

Check out part of the Sonicbid’s list below.

1. Own your craft
As Yoda once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” The overnight success stories are one in a million. It takes hard work and extreme dedication. Be the best at what you do, and do it modestly.

2. Build your own base
Artists need to be proactive. That includes everything from building your own fanbase, to creating strong socials, generating press, and actively touring. At the end of the day, this is your career. No one is going to build it for you. Be the CEO of your business. Own it, and it will be noticed.

3. Put your best foot forward

Only the cream rises to the top – and A&R execs are actively looking for it. Release your best music – not all of your music. You don’t need a whole album to get noticed. It can only take one strong song to get attention. Again, make sure that song is at its best, from writing to production. No such thing as 90 percent.

4. Relationships are key
The music industry, while global, is a tight-knit business. Don’t burn bridges, and keep your face clean. You never know how deep roots run. That promoter you burn could also be a label scout.

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