How NOT To Get A Recording Studio Internship & How To Get 10 Offers


I came across this interesting article today regarding recording studio internships. Hopefully some of the info is helpful for anyone looking for an internship.

Andrew Koss of Terminus Recording Studios in NYC has some advice for aspiring audio interns.

Andrew Koss Says, “Our interns have come to us from big and small educational programs. Some have had no formal training but developed their skills at other facilities, while others had minimal experience but showed they had passion and a strong desire to learn.

We’ve seeing varying degrees of technical knowledge, but the clear common thread that binds all our successful interns has been the quality of their character: They are dependable and trustworthy, reliable and punctual.

When there’s a client in the space, they handle themselves with utmost professionalism. Being aware of a client’s needs and keeping them comfortable is paramount to ensuring a positive experience. They are sociable when it is appropriate to be so, yet they know when it’s best to give the client space.

As they begin to assist in sessions, they are meticulous in their actions, checking and rechecking that any setup was done correctly. During downtime at the studio, they continue to be engaged, asking questions, and studying the equipment. They use free time at the studio to put new techniques to practice, pushing outside their comfort zone, and becoming more confident in their skills.”

Read all the great tips via – Sonic Scoop