Hip-Hop Producer Creates Positive Music For Children


– Photo Courtesy of WLOX News

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Gulfport, Mississippi producer Carl Lewis is trying to bring positivity back to his community, and he is doing that by making kids songs.

“About two years ago, I had a vision to start making music for kids. Something that would have social value, as well as being entertaining. Our mission is to inspire, motivate; as well as educate,” Carl Lewis told WLOX News.

“What I decided to do was quit hip-hop altogether and focus on the children. What I began to notice in a lot of our neighborhoods is that a lot of the kids are being affected by the media. The things in the media aren’t always healthy.”

One of Lewis’ main targets is Mississippi’s high obesity rate.

“I felt what better project to tackle for my first project than one that deals with something that we need to discuss, which is childhood obesity.”

Lewis didn’t stop at obesity, another major issue of concern on the album is violence among the younger generations. Also, several songs promote anti-bullying messages and peace.

“When I hear about all the killings and stuff, I’m like, why are we killing each other. There should be peace. I think the adults need to hear these songs because they’re more positive,” said DaQuan Smith.

You can check out Lewis’ music, which is performed by mascots, Kenny and Bobby via: positivekidsongs.com