Grammy Award Winning Producer Anthony Kilhoffer Says Kanye West “Cooked Up” Stronger In 5 Minutes

Share: recently sat down with four-time Grammy award winning engineer and producer, Anthony Kilhoffer.

Kilhoffer, who has been heavily involved with all of Kanye West‘s projects, reminisced on the 2X Platinum album Graduation, as well as the single “Stronger,” and the overall recording process.

When asked about his role on Graduation, Kilhoffer had this to say:

I engineered most of the songs. I mixed a couple and helped produce with Andy Chatterley on “Stronger,” “Flashing Lights” and a few others. I was there from the beginning. It’s all Jon Brion’s collaborative effort, continuing along from Late Registration. I was in the studio every day with Kanye, as he was traveling the world picking up things from other producers to develop ideas. Then, he would come back to Los Angeles and finalize the raps.

As the interview proceeded, Kilhoffer was asked about the recording process of “Stronger,” and he had an interesting story about the now 7X Platinum single.

When he sampled Daft Punk [“Harder Better Faster Stronger”] on an ASR-10 for “Stronger,” Plain Pat said, ‘You can’t flip this. It’s not going to work.’ Pat was highly skeptical. At the end of the day, he cooked up “Stronger” in five minutes, and it was quite a departure from the boom-bap Kanye West production, and the beginning of experimenting with other albums. After he had the beat, I remember people poking their heads in the Record Plant studio and telling him it was fire.

You can check out the full interview via Billboard.