The Most Frustrating Thing(s) About Being A Music Producer


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On July 5, 2017, we took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to ask our users “What is the most frustrating thing about being a music producer?”

The amount of responses we received were monumental, and some of the feedback you guys & gals provided was awesome!

We have highlighted some of the responses below, as well as the posts from each platform with the full responses.

1. Grammy award-winner Bobby Ross Avila had this to say in response to all the feedback he saw on our Instagram page:

Here is the answer! It doesn’t matter how great of a musician U R, How great your voice may be or how talented U might be. The World will only remember a GREAT SONG! A GREAT SONG WILL ALWAYS DEFINE THE EXTERIOR-IF THE INTERIOR CAN MAKE IT LIVE!!! NOW DISCOVER WHAT I SAY 2 B True and let that information inspire U the way that it inspires me everyday!

2. Super Producer and Aftermath Entertainment Producer Focus had this to say:

The industry!

3. Mac Miller producer Tecknowledgy had this to say:

Waiting forever

4. @Fconthebeat on Twitter had this to say:

The balance between trends and personal creativity….

5. @JoseICTS on Twitter had this to say:


6. @WickedApollo on Twitter had this to say:

Listening to broke rappers who can’t afford a 20 dollar lease say he gonna put us both on the map.

7. Tom G’s on Facebook had this to say:

Someone asking you to make a beat LIKE another producer.(most insulting shit you could ask a producer). You know things like that.

8. Jeff Leon on Facebook had this to say:

When you put your heart and soul into your music, set your price, and then fools with $300 Gucci belts and $250 Jordan’s and cars with $5000 rims tell you that the $40 to lease and $200 for exclusives are too much. Or say give them free beats for “promo”. Promo don’t pay my bills.

9. Mido Ossama on Facebook had this to say:

When you make a dope beat but a lame mumble rapper takes it and fuckin’ ruins it so you’re just sitting there watching all your hard work getting wasted.

10. Brandon Robinson on Facebook had this to say:

Self doubt, and quality control of your own music whether it’s trying to figure out what projects just need to be deleted or if it’s certain elements you need to take away from a already very full song but still keeping the feeling and vibe you wanted to capture when you started.

What is the most frustrating thing for YOU?

Check out the full posts and responses below!

What is the most frustrating thing about being a music producer?

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