Freddie Gibbs Says A Lot Of Madlib’s Beats Are Made For Storytelling


XXL recently sat down with Freddie Gibbs to discuss his recent time in jail, who he’s working with right now and why he and Madlib are a perfect match.

Back in 2014, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib linked up for Pinata, an album that some claim to be Freddie’s best work to date.

The bond between the two is evident on Pinata, and XXL got down to the nitty-gritty of why they mesh so well.

When XXL asked Freddie why he and Madlib worked so well together, the Gary, Indiana emcee had this to say.

“I think that with me and Madlib, I was never afraid to really experiment with his tracks and things. It’s a lot of dirty samples and a lot of loops and a lot of shit you really can’t figure out. We get in here. When I first started the Piñata project, I was with my boy Josh and we were like, We got to put this shit together like a puzzle. Now me, Sid and my manager Lambo we do the same thing. We carried it on. We picked the loops that we want, pick the sounds that we want and then we just constructed into something I could lay my vocals to.

I feel like with a lot of Madlib’s beats, they are made for storytelling. I feel like when I’m working on stuff with him I can really get into the storytelling aspect mode of my flow. I could rap about other shit all day, really the same type of street topics but really in a different way. Just doing it in a different way on that album as opposed to Shadow of a Doubt—different production, different cadence, just being an overall great rapper and not subjecting myself to being in a box. I might bump some J Dilla shit and then when I am about to work out, I’ll throw on some Future shit. I like good music whichever lane it comes out of, as long as it’s dope that is all that matters with me.”

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