Former Jay Z Producer Suing For Co-Ownership Of Rarity Recordings


It looks like former producer and friend of Jay Z, Chauncey Mahan is now suing the mega star.

Complete Music Update says, “A producer recently investigated over allegations of extortion after a complaint was seemingly filed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation business, or possibly its parent company Live Nation, has now filed a complicated lawsuit in which he makes claims of co-ownership to some of the hip hop mogul’s own recordings.

Back in April, Chauncey Mahan was questioned by LA police officers after allegedly telling Roc Nation that he was sitting on a pile of outtakes and demos from when he worked with Jay-Z back in the day. He reportedly indicated that he had considered auctioning off the recordings, but that he’d return them to the rapper’s company if they paid a storage fee. Live Nation then apparently accused Mahan of extortion, and brought LAPD officers with them to a scheduled meeting with the producer.”

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