Fake Lil Wayne Producer Scams Photographer Out Of $13,000


First Catfish, now this. It looks like a “member” of Lil Wayne’s camp reached out to photographer Emile Browne for a last minute photo shoot with the Hip Hop star.

According to My Fox Houston, “Browne says the driver showed up just as promised. He loaded his photography equipment into the car. They were suppose to meet Lil Wayne and the rest of the crew here at the Crowne Plaza hotel on 290.

But Browne realized he’d left his phone charger at home. So they stopped at this Best Buy on 290.

Browne says, “I thought we were both walking in he turned around got back in his car and drove off.”

That scam artist drove off with Browne’s equipment valued at about $13,000. Also in that equipment was an Apple Mac computer.”

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