Do Artists Still Need Blogs, Or Do Blogs Need The Artists?


Funk Volume CEO Dame Ritter penned a really dope piece for HipHopDX today. Every artist, blog owner, producer, etc. should check this out.

Dame Says, “Almost every time a blog covers our artists, I always get a follow up message to ensure we share the story on our social networks. I get it. It makes sense, but some of the blogs are so adamant about it that I started thinking to myself, “Who is giving more exposure to whom?” I used to think the blogs were meant to serve the artists, but more and more, I’m seeing the artists with a strong social network presences being more beneficial to the blogs.

I didn’t grow up in the music industry. Starting Funk Volume with Hopsin and SwizZz a little over five years ago was my first step in this world. Prior to FV, I worked in the financial services industry, went to business school and worked as a management consultant. I’ve always been a fan of music, but I knew nothing about the business.”

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