DJ Premier Announces New Album With A “Secret” Artist; Features Mac Miller, Ab-Soul & Slaughterhouse


Life & Times spoke to DJ Premier about a wide variety of topics, but the main one that caught our attention is the new project he has coming out with a “secret” artist. The album will feature Mac Miller, Ab-Soul & Slaughterhouse, and it is produced around ONE artist’s samples.

Check out the quote from Life & Times.

“Just before I go into my first question, he blurts out his newest collab with a “secret” artist. “I’m doing a project that I can’t mention yet. It’s a full album. I just completed it with an artist and we’re gonna announce it in maybe in the next week or two. It’s already done. It features Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, [and] Slaughterhouse is on it,” Premier says. I futilely attempt to get him to reveal the artist and he doesn’t acquiesce, but instead explains the album’s inner workings. Premier adds, “That’s all I can really tell you right now. It’s a really unique project. It’s a project where I sample only one artist and only used their samples for the entire album. I strictly just use that one person – took all their samples, broke it into pieces and made my own beats out of it, and scratched it – the whole album. It was gonna be an EP, but it turned into a whole album. It’s gonna have nine tracks on it. It’s a really cool project.””

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