DJ Green Lantern Told Eminem The “Cleaning Out My Closet” Beat Sounded Like “Renegade”


DJ Green Lantern recently sat down with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, known as the ItsTheReal podcast.

The veteran producer/DJ told a handful of interesting stories, including his history with Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, and Eminem.

Green Lantern explained about the first time he met Eminem, which you can hear at the 51:42 mark below.

“I feel like I might’ve dissed him, on the low, without realizing it. He was in L.A. at one of Dr. Dre’s studios finishing recording The Eminem Show. I hear ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, and I’m like, Okay, instrumentation-wise, it sounded slightly similar, to me, to ‘Renegade.’ I’m in my producer head, side-stick snare, upright bass.”

When they finally met later that night, Eminem was like, “You got to hear some of the album?”

Green Lantern responded with “Yeah I really like that one that sounds like ‘Renegade.'”

“He looked at me almost with a scowl, like why are you saying this sounds like this other thing. But I was like It’s great though [Laughs].”

Do you think ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ sounds like ‘Renegade’?

You can check the full podcast below, with the description as well.

This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome the legendary mixtape DJ, producer, father, and former paperboy, DJ Green Lantern to the Upper West Side, where he tells two hours of the most amazing stories! Green discusses growing up in Rochester, New York, how listening to Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy and Jazz shaped his ears, how producing led him into DJing, rather than the other way around, and the big break that made him The Man along Interstate 90. Green recalled witnessing DJ Clark Kent forcing an aspiring MC to battle a young Jay-Z on 7th Avenue in New York City, driving to Toronto to get white label exclusives, and putting the most creativity into his mixtapes, earning him the recognition of his peers at the Justo Awards. We talk Hot 97, meeting Eminem, working on the Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss mixtapes, the stories behind Jadakiss’ song “The Champ is Here,” D-Block’s “2 Gunz Up,” Eminem’s “Hail Mary,” working with Jay-Z on his never-released mixtape, why he made the move to Atlanta, working with Rocko, Future, Killer Mike and 2 Chainz and so much more. All that, plus patching things up with Jadakiss, why he had to leave rap to come back to hip-hop, and a conversation with Green’s son Najee AKA DJ Tangotwelv!