Deadmau5 Says EDM Is Dying, Swears Off Music Festivals


Deadmau5 recently spoke with Standard about EDM music, music festivals and more.

Standard says, “Any nerves at the prospect of meeting deadmau5, famously temperamental dance producer and star of so many internet and real-life feuds, tip over into excitement with the promise of getting close up to his Ferrari.

Or “Purrari”, as the man also known as Joel Zimmerman calls it — a svelte Ferrari 458 that he’s had wrapped in the most ridiculous imagery. It features a pixellated picture of the cutesy, supremely irritating meme known as Nyan Cat. Even the horse-doing-a-wheelie logo has been replaced by cat silhouettes on the bonnet and wheels. “People love it when they see this car,” deadmau5 tells me. “Everyone’s got these smooth racing lines and cool vector art, and I’ve decided to go in completely the opposite direction.”

I’m not so sure about the petrolheads; they might feel that he’s made a beautiful vehicle look a bit silly. But the 33-year-old from Niagara Falls, Canada, is obviously something quite different from the average supercar-owning millionaire.

And there are plenty of those at the Gumball 3000, the rally for rich boys and their shiny toys that passed through Regent Street last weekend on the way to its Ibiza finale. The DJ said to have earned $21 million last year has been hanging out and comparing horsepower with Tinie Tempah, Jonathan Ross, rapper Xzibit and David Hasselhoff. He’s been throwing his considerable wealth around more than any of them too, earning the “Spirit of Gumball Award” for spending almost a quarter of a million pounds on the various charity auctions that took place along the way. He bid almost £50k to become the proud owner of Hasselhoff’s Baywatch shorts.

I catch up with the pageant at Dunsfold Park in Surrey, the Top Gear racetrack. I park my car at the far end of the aerodrome complex. It is imperative that deadmau5 does not see that it is full of twigs and bracken and unicorn storybooks, and has a spider living in the wing mirror. He’s busy hitting 172mph on the runway. His car is supposed to be able to reach 200 but he thinks it needs a longer run-up.”

Read the full interview – Via Standard