DataCrushers for Pro Page 2


DataCrushers is a new integration that is built into your Pro Page 2 that will help you recover abandoned shopping carts and also convert website visitors with compelling offers. DataCrushers can help recover sales with automated emails, pop-ups and Facebook ad targeting as well as give you all of the analytic data you need to measure your business across the web.

Email Sales Recovery Features

Cart Abandonment Emails
Triggered emails are sent to shoppers when they have abandoned their cart. The emails are automatically triggered, optimized and sent in real time in order to recover abandoned revenue. The emails can be personalized with scheduling options, frequency caps and shopper segmentation.

Post Purchase Emails
Customers who have purchased in the past are the most likely to purchase again. Post purchase email campaigns reach out to your past customers and send them an email with a value offer after a predetermined amount of time.

Dynamic Cart Display in Emails
Recover up to 25% more sales with this personalization tool.
Automatically display the items shoppers leave behind with cart details- including the image and link of each product. This allows shoppers to review the abandoned cart and click through to purchase.

Customizable HTML Emails
We provide you with optimized email re-marketing templates that have been proven successful for merchants around the world.
Our easy to use email editor allows you to customize each message according to your site’s brand so that your cart recovery campaign seamlessly aligns with your overall marketing efforts. Personally customized HTML emails can be implemented as well.

On-Site Messaging

Exit Popup
Recover sales 3 times faster with this highly intuitive cart abandonment blocker.
Prevent revenue and cart abandonment with our behaviorally-triggered exit popup. The popup only appears to shoppers who’ve added items to their carts when they are about to leave your site without your shopping bag in their hand. The onsite popup provides a visual and immediate reminder of the items left behind and directs them straight back to the checkout to complete the order.

Cart abandonment be gone!

Email Collection Popup
Our email collection form is the perfect tool to directly connect with shoppers and keep them engaged.
Email lists are far more effective with a conversion rate of 4 times more than social media marketing! Email addresses give you the chance to connect personally with your customers. Emails are also effective to reach your customers right at home in their inbox. Don’t miss the chance to tell your customers about your awesome campaigns!

Analytics Suite

Site Analytics
Site Analytics show you an overview of your traffic, campaigns and revenue.
See how many visits, sales, and cart abandonments your site has had and how much recovered revenue you have acquired. Also, see how well your email and pop-up campaigns are performing.

Shopper Analytics
Shopper analytics display purchasing and abandonment rates on your site.
Explore your shoppers’ journeys and see if they purchased or abandoned their cart using conversion analytics. See what they searched for and what campaigns brought them back. Identify the platform (mobile, PC etc) and the operating system they were using to shop and convert.

Campaigns Analytics
See how well your campaigns are performing!
Using our tools, you can monitor open rates, click-through rates and overall performance of your campaigns. You can also set up A/B testing to help you decide which of your carefully crafted email messages or popups work better with your customers.

Traffic Conversion Analytics
The Traffic Conversion analytics show you everything about your visitors and where they come from.
See how many people from each traffic source added an item to their cart, their cart abandonment rate and purchase rate. All the data can be viewed collectively or segregated by desktop or mobile.

DataCrushers is a separate service that is an additional $19.99 a month 

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How To Get Setup

  1. Visit DataCrushers to sign up and input your Pro Page URL during onboarding

2. Select I will place the code

3. Verify Placement (BeatStars automatically places the DataCrushers code on your Pro Page 2)

4. You are almost complete. DataCrushers will now email you confirmation to pay the $19.99 a month subscription