Chipotle x RZA Launch SAVOR.WAVS, A Visual Journey Into Chipotle’s 51 Real Ingredients


One of my favorite “fast-food” spots has partnered with one of my favorite producers ??

Chipotle and RZA recently linked to launch SAVOR.WAVS, which is a visual journey into Chipotle‘s 51 real ingredients.

According to BusinessWire.Com:

As the creative visionary behind SAVOR.WAVS, RZA composed sounds using various instruments inspired by each of the 51 real ingredients Chipotle uses to make its food. Those sounds were then paired with beautiful visuals also inspired by the ingredients. When combined, based on orders that customers compose, they create a unique visual song to represent any possible menu combination from Chipotle. Developed by Chipotle and CAA Marketing, this musical reimagination of Chipotle’s ingredient statement is another example of how music and food can bring people closer together.

Customers can visit to compose their own individual order. As they build their order, the musical composition and visualization builds along with it, resulting in a stunning 360-degree visual experience that reacts in real-time to the movement of a mobile device.

Head on over to and start composing, and check out the full SAVOR.WAVS commercial below ? ? ?