Bink Remembers Giving Kanye West Advice Early On In His Career


Grammy Award-Winning producer Bink recently sat down with the Sway in the Morning crew.

Topics of discussion included Bink‘s work with Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) and Kanye West; specifically his relationship with Kanye early on and producing “Devin In A New Dress.”

Bink said, “I came in the game actually 2 years prior to Just (Blaze) and Kanye (West). Kanye used to come to me and ask me for advice. He caught the bus to my crib one time, rhymed for me and I was like this dude can actually rap.”

Bink goes on to describe one of Kanye’s early songs called “Wow,” in which Sway plays a clip from the track.

Watch the full Sway In The Morning Interview with Bink below. The Kanye West discussion starts at the 10:05 mark.

Check out Kanye West‘s “Devil In A New Dress” produced by Bink.