Billboard Launches New Singles Charts To Track Twitter Popularity


So Billboard has two new charts that will track artists popularity on Twitter.

“In a new collaboration with the social networking site, Billboard will now publish two charts – Trending 140 and the Emerging Artists chart – to determine the most popular songs online Billboard have launched two new singles charts, which track a songs’ “up to the minute” popularity on Twitter. Like last year’s move to count YouTube views toward American chart rankings, Billboard’s forward new decision could reinvent the music industry’s definition of a “hit”.

On Tuesday, Billboard debuted two different charts, both of which monitor which songs people are tweeting about in the US. The primary list, dubbed “the Trending 140”, tracks the “acceleration” of song mentions – either by the hour, day, or week. Meanwhile, the Emerging Artists chart focuses on “up-and-coming acts” whose music has been shared on Twitter over the past 24 hours.”

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