BeatStars Site Update Notes – 01-28-2016


Hey BeatStars Family!

First off, thank you for being an integral part of BeatStars and the online music community as a whole. Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue innovating and making your experience on BeatStars the best that it can be. Going-forward the team at BeatStars is going to do our best to inform you on a regular basis what changes are being made to the site so you can better prepare your marketing and music efforts to fit your campaigns. Below are some of the changes we made today.

1.    Unified Licensing

–    Custom contract licensing is now available on the BeatStars marketplace and widgets in addition to Blaze Players and Pro Page

–    Default BeatStars marketplace licenses are no longer available

–    Please make sure to setup all of your custom contracts for licensing here

2.    Negotiations

–    Now are synched with your custom contracts on marketplace

–   You can set expirations for your counter-offers

3.    Stripe Checkout

–    Paying via Credit Card using Stripe is now available on Marketplace and Widgets

Connect your Stripe account here

4.    Music Store Widget

–    Purchase and checkout flow matches new marketplace model. Try the updated Music Store widget here

5.    In-line licensing site-wide

–    Buyers can license and add to cart within user profile playlists, widget playlist, Charts, Genres etc.

– minimum price is now visible on all playlists site-wide as well

6.    Unified Discounts 

–    Discounts and Coupons now apply on all BeatStars players, Marketplace, Pro Page and Widgets. (no need to create separate discounts anymore)

Create Bulk and Coupon Code discounts here
7.    MailChimp & Aweber

–    Email newsletter integration now collects marketplace and widget customer transactions and downloads in addition to Blaze Players and Pro Page.

Set-up your email newsletter integration here

If you have any questions or feedback about our new updates, please don’t hesitate to email our support staff here:

Best Regards,

BeatStars Product and Developement Team