Beatstars Reveals Tasty New Monologue Synths


With the latest edition of the ever-growing Volca and Monologue Synths series, it’s all about tasty toms, and chocolate beats. Beatstars Cake starts the beginning of a popular, new drive from Beatstars after many requests from beat producers and their family members. Beatstars Cake provides earth-shattering flavours that can be enjoyed while playing any volca or monologue, or when you’re away from your beloved instruments. It’s the perfect addition to any volca or desktop hardware set to bring prevent plumeting sugar levels for the concerned user in the studio or on stage.

As opposed to generating sounds, volca cake provides giant chocolate taste sensations. The Monologue (or Vanillalogue)  also released today looks just like the real thing and is oozing with chocolate and wafer-style keys (not full size).

Resultado de imagem para abe batshon“Beatstars has consistently brought renewed attention to classic groove machines and historical synthesis. It now has a new focus. This time, it’s the most important taste in the dining room and at children’s birthday parties, Beatstars Cake has a personality all its own, and combining it with other volcas or any other hardware adds unique chocolate character and crumbs to users’ setups. You can’t connect it with other volcas, minilogue, electribe or SQ-1, and there is no MIDI to worry about. It’s just pure glutony in a synth-shaped cake. And should you be a vanilla fanboy or fangirl the Vanillalogue is an upcoming fresh new take on the Monologue we can’t wait to share with you.”

shares Abe Batshon, CEO of Beatstars, Inc.