BeatStars Updates The “Beat Stream Awards” To Highlight Its Members


The RIAA honors artists and producers with Gold and Platinum plaques for their achievements, and we thought it was only right to honor our BeatStars members with their own digital plaques, as well as physical plaques.

Starting this week, we will start honoring our members in two tiers, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum.

The tiers will be based on Profile Plays, and as you move up the charts, your plaques will be updated.

BeatStars “Beat Stream Award” Plaque Tiers

1,000,000 Streams = Platinum (Digital + Physical)

If a member reaches 2,000,000 or 3,000,000 and so on, an updated digital plaque will be awarded, but a physical one will not be sent.

What Does This Mean For BeatStars Producers? 

As we award members, each individual will receive supporting posts on BeatStars Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Page. You can follow along by following the #BeatStreamAwards hashtag.

Abe Batshon, CEO of BeatStars had this to say regarding the new “Beat Stream Awards” Program:

“As BeatStars continues leading the way for entrepreneurial-minded producers it made sense for the team and me to develop a new recognition system that existed outside of the traditional industry. Since most BeatStars producers see the majority of their successes on our platform we thought it would be a great idea to issue out virtual plaques (and physical ones in the future) for streaming milestones recognizing all of the hard work our community puts in online.”

We look forward to seeing all the BeatStars producers climb the charts, good luck!