BeatStars: Fixes, New Features & Updates (Log 1)


July 23, 2019 – Log 1

Hey BeatStars Fam.

Earlier today, we performed some maintenance on the platform, and we wanted to update the community on some of the updates and fixes.

Fixes, New Features & Updates

  • Voice Tag Update – Migrate your voice tag when logging in.

  1. Fix on MailChimp and AWeber not capturing emails on Pro Page
  2. Added additional security methods for hosted files
  3. Fix on volume slider where music would play even on mute when music was skipped to next
  4. Fix on album play state when playing a track inside of the album (the album was always showing pause state)
  5. Limit of track creation message fix on the mobile layout
  6. Increase the tag limit from 15 to 25 characters
  7. Fix license dialog showing the wrong color on block theme
  8. Changed about page on the marketplace to show all discography instead of 10
  9. Fix on login button being partially hidden on low-resolution screens with 320px like iPhone 5
  10. Changed bulk deal notifications to only close when a user presses ok button
  11. Changed message for track limit a little bit
  12. Removal of “Untagged Streaming” check box and option