BeatStars: Fixes, New Features & Updates (Log 6)


November 13, 2019 – Log 6

Hey BeatStars Fam.

Earlier today, we performed some maintenance on the platform, and we wanted to update the community on some of the fixes, new features & updates.

Fixes, New Features & Updates


  • Fix membership listing not appearing correctly for some users
  • Fixed small issue where user profile avatar would not load on the landing page
  • Fixed overlapping issue on the footnote of Pro Pages
  • Fixed overlapping issue on the cart page of block theme Pro Pages
  • Fixed album form not showing proper track artworks
  • Fixed issue where tag suggestion was only allowing 15 characters when the limit was 25

New Features


  • We changed the phone number on free download to appear only if SMS marketing is connected and configured to capture
  • Updated track details hashtag so it can be searched
  • Make offer button was being shown instead of the price when the user only had a price set for exclusive license