BeatStars: Fixes, New Features & Updates (Log 2)


September 26, 2019 – Log 2

Hey BeatStars Fam.

Earlier today, we performed some maintenance on the platform, and we wanted to update the community on some of the fixes, new features & updates.

Fixes, New Features & Updates


  • Collaborator notification now showing up on Marketplace
  • Emails are now being sent to sellers when user suggests tags
  • Fixed the bulk edit button on mobile devices
  • Fixed migrating voice tags
  • Share links for private tracks with Short URL’s and Pro Page URL’s are now fixed
  • Fixed preview cart on the marketplace when too many items were added
  • Fixed issue with some free downloads for Sound Kits
  • Exclusively sold tracks have been removed from user Favorites page
  • Fix on elements getting hidden on upload dialog when too many items were added
  • Fixed WebM video support for Pro Page homepage background
  • Fixed bug in search for Blaze Player and Pro Page

New Features

  • Added Categories to Services
  • Added the ability to feature Services
  • Added collaborators to Services
  • Added Key to track form and track details
  • Discounts page redesigned with the ability to deactivate and reactivate coupons
  • Notifications for sales added to Marketplace
  • Redesign of license pop-up dialog on Pro Page
  • Added copy button on Pro Page share pop-up
  • Facebook Messenger added to Pro Page