BeatStars CEO apologizes about contest, vows to expand the field!


Letter from CEO of BeatStars:

First off, I’d like to thank all of the musicians that accepted the challenge of the “Remix My Hit” contest featuring the legendary Styles P. This competition has by far exceeded all of our expectations here at BeatStars and you definitely have inspired us. As a musician and songwriter myself, I’ve always appreciated that feeling of one day making it, letting the world hear my talent, changing the landscape of music and becoming that go to musician. I commend you all for taking that step in finding ways to fulfill those dreams. Many of you take opportunities like this very seriously as this could be the stepping-stone to your next musical plateau. Hoping that someone important would recognize your talent and assist you in achieving your goals.

As I contemplated putting this contest together I was purely thinking from a CEO and business standpoint. I missed the importance of establishing a long term and viable competition that can one day break new talent in the industry. I strictly wanted the world to know about the platform that I have tirelessly created for the music industry, which is BeatStars. BeatStars has been my baby since 2008 and I believe I’ve created something so revolutionary that my obsession with the company clouded my judgment during the formation of the competition.

With that said, I apologize for not thinking through a much more thorough process for great talented musicians to shine. I think we have much more to learn and to grow from, after coordinating this contest. I have personally read all of your messages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and even though 50% of the contestants were happy with the format of the contest, many of you were not. I never intended to stir any up any controversy, I just wanted musicians to know that promoting yourself is equally as important in the journey of “making it” as creating great music. Music producers have become stars in today’s industry, something that was unheard of a decade ago. More and more music producers have their names on the front of album covers then ever before. For example: Exile and Blu, El-P and Killer Mike, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and countless more. WE ARE DEMANDING THAT STAGE, WE ARE DEMANDING THAT RECOGNITION, AND SO THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

I cannot completely change the format of the competition this go-around because it would be unfair to those who worked very hard to gain votes. What I can do is listen to more entries during the review round and still reward the producers that worked their butt off to gain votes. I think at this point it would be fair to listen to all entries that have garnered at least 200 votes during the duration of the contest. This would expand the field of eligible entries tremendously, as many of you are very close to hitting that mark.

So please keep pushing and don’t be shy to let the world know about your talent.

All the best,

Abe Batshon
Founder & CEO, BeatStars