Beat by BeatStars User BluntedBeatz Featured On Twin Peaks


I am a huge Twin Peaks fan. I recently re-watched the first two seasons in preparation for the highly-anticipated third season airing on Showtime beginning May 21st.

If you don’t know what the show is about (because you haven’t watched it, not because you, like everybody else, have no idea what’s going on in this new season), a quick synopsis is available at the end of this article.

But what’s crazy is I was watching episode 5 of season 3 (I’m a few episodes behind) and I noticed one of the earliest scenes in the episode featured this dope hip-hop instrumental.

Being the purveyor of hip-hop that I am, after the episode concluded, I continued to watch the credits in search of the song and artist who made this great beat.

BluntedBeatz Twin Peaks I Am Song CreditsThat’s when I saw the credits – “I Am (Old School Hip-Hop Beat)” by BluntedBeatz.

BluntedBeatz – hm, I thought, I know that name. So a quick Google search proved my suspicions that I did, in fact, know of BluntedBeatz and was happy to realize he is also a BeatStars user!

That’s right, a BeatStars user landed placement on one of the hottest TV shows of all time. Twin Peaks has transcended generations and BluntedBeatz was able to get his instrumental on the show.

The beat was again featured in episode 6, as well. It’ll be interesting to see if this beat keeps getting played throughout the season.

Congrats to BluntedBeatz! Check out the original beat below.

About Twin Peaks

This game-changing mystery/crime thriller aired originally in 1990 and 1991 stemming from an investigation into the death of one of the main characters, Laura Palmer.

After the first groundbreaking episode, the show picked up steam and carried on until it was cancelled after just two seasons. Thanks to the Internet and streaming, within the past decade or so, the show has gained a lot of fans and has earned a cult-classic status.

Finally, the third and final season is airing on Showtime right now – I highly recommend you watch it.