Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack?


According to Forbes, it looks like Apple will be abandoning the headphone jack in the near future. The $3.2 billion dollar deal is all starting to make sense now.

Forbes says, “Suddenly why Apple AAPL +0.39% spent a seemingly ludicrous $3.2 billion buying Beats is starting to make sense. The reason: Apple is being more Apple than we ever imagined and it could mean saying goodbye to your favourite pair of headphones. Furthermore, if my theory is correct, then the new ones you buy will probably have Beats on the logo.

Get Ready For Lightning Headphones
Like most Apple developments, the news emerged from a leak. 9to5Mac has learnt that Apple submitted a specification to its MFi (Made For) licensing program for headphones which connect using the company’s proprietary Lightning port instead of the standard 3.5mm jack. Furthermore all it will take for the Lightning port to start accepting these new headphones is a firmware update.

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