9th Wonder Is A Professor Of “Hip Hop History” At North Carolina Central University


Patrick Douthit a.k.a. 9th Wonder is the professor of “Hip Hop History” at NCCU, which is located in Durham, North Carolina. Aside from being a Grammy award-winning producer, 9th Wonder has been teaching the course since 2015.

While speaking to the North Carolina news station WRAL, 9th Wonder had this to say:

It’s just a way to reach this generation. This generation speaks in a certain language that the generations before it did not. Hip-Hop is now a 44-year old art form.”

NCCU student Damon Westray had this to say about the course:

It’s not a structured class. It doesn’t just teach you about Hip-Hop. It teaches you about how Hip-Hop played a role in things like the bus boycott, segregation, the Black Lives Matter movements.”

To find out more about the course, check out 9th Wonder’s full interview with North Carolina news station, wral.com.