9 Producers To Breakout In 2018


The New Year and the holiday season is a great time of the year. You get to spend it with friends & family, spirits are usually high, good drink & food is flowing and the thought of closure and re-birth are satisfying.

It’s a time of reflection, understanding, and growth. The New Year (whether you love it or hate it) gives you a chance to start fresh; new goals, new ideas, and new opportunities. Yes, you will face new challenges & new hurdles, but it’s how you respond that will define your future.

The New Year can also be a rewarding time.

We realize that and wanted to shout-out a few BeatStars Producers who we believe will have big years in 2018.

To be 100% transparent, the idea for this article was brainstormed during an internal discussion a few weeks ago. As a team, we all listen to as much as we can (were a small team), and we have internal conversations about different producers daily.

Straight up…There is too much talent on BeatStars [Laughs]. We easily could have chosen 25+ producers EACH, but we wanted to keep the new annual list a tad smaller. It was tough for each of us to pick only 3 producers, but we made it happen.

Congrats to every producer that was chosen, and if you weren’t chosen, that doesn’t mean you won’t have an incredible 2018. It doesn’t mean you failed and it definitely doesn’t mean we don’t value your talent and hard-work.

2018 is going to be a great year and we look forward to making history with all of you!

Happy New Year – Enjoy ? ??

Abe Batshon Picks


Feelo is a producer that knows how to capture so many emotions in his beats. I love just letting his catalog play while I hear him tap into so many human feelings. This world can be very mundane and monotonous which is why I believe its so important to have producers like Feelo spark and surface emotions in us that we normally don’t expose. I don’t know if he’s a spiritual person or not but for someone like me that is very in tune with my spirituality his music inspires me to seek and reflect even deeper. I love music that brings us back to our core. This kid is going to have a big 2018 for sure.

Origami Beats

Origami is one of those producers that you can hear through his music is just having a great fucking time making music. He is not afraid to experiment and just make shit that he vibes with. It’s fun just going through his catalog and hearing the crazy moods he is in when he is crafting. It’s like reading a new chapter in his book every time I listen to a new beat of his. He makes it so fun listening to his journey and I think that’s why he is one of my predictions for having a crazy breakout year in 2018.


Jurrivh is another producer that just knows how to tap into my heartstrings. What impresses me most about Jurrivh is the way he carefully sound selects, arranges his beats and introduces multiple melodies within the beat. I can just see him blacking out in front of the piano and letting those keys cry to him. Life is not always happy and perfect and I believe Jurrivh is on a mission to create landscapes for songwriters to tell their true stories within their lyrics and not be afraid to be vulnerable. These are the qualities that make for a great producer and is why he is on my list for 2018’s breakout producer predictions.

Mike Trampe Picks

1998 Beats

1998 Beats caught my attention after I heard his beat “Strange Things.” After diving in further, I realized he had a wide variety of production, but all had his signature sound.

When I’m judging beats I look at a few things; The feeling it gives me, who can I hear on it, the overall quality, originality, and uniqueness. 1998 Beats matches all of those categories.

Yung Romo Beatz

The first beat I heard from Yung Romo Beatz was “Clap Back.” I heard pure emotion, with a dark side to it, and I could hear an emcee painting a story on this joint.

Yung Romo Beatz has a wide variety of beats, with a style for many artists and soundtracks. I’m very interested to hear a few artists on his joints in 2018.


The first beat I heard from Eldar-Q was “Blessed Up.” I could hear this beat in a movie, during a transitional phase of the movie, or even a car chase or something that builds up.

This instantly drove me to check all of his stuff and the dude has some heat. I’m hyped to hear more of his stuff going into 2018.

Boundless Beats Picks


He’s definitely mastered creating a dark new-age-trap feel. For the most part he keeps his melodic elements smooth with really wet reverb that makes them sound nice and ambient. This makes his beats sound otherworldly which a lot of artists that are making noise are leaning towards as of lately, so there’s definitely demand for the type of heat he’s got. feel.

Golds House Music

Whether it’s him playing, him having musicians come in and play, or samples, I know I hear live instrumentation in a lot of his work. You just can’t get the type of real life feel that you hear in some of his music from virtual instruments. His use of guitars and brass instruments stands out especially. I can’t see an R&B or pop artist going through his catalog and not finding at least a few tracks they’re inspired by.


Solow is actualy a label consisting of a group of producers and it shows in the brand’s consistency and versatility. They’ve got soul, boom bap, trap, and a little bit of everything else coming fresh from the lab every couple days or so, and it’s all super solid! Artists of all types will always have a chance at finding something they love in these guys’ catalog, so I think they’ll continue to grow quickly. You never know what you’re going to hear next from Solow so it makes checking notifications from them that much more exciting.