5 Things Artists & Producers Shouldn’t Be Doing On Social Media


So you want to be a successful right? Not only do you need incredible lyrics, dope production, clean mixes and a supporting team; but you need to have your social media on lock!

Here are 5 tips to utilize when using Social Media.

1. STOP sending your music links to people on on twitter (unless they asked), especially celebrities and industry vets. I get shown new music all the time from friends, family and industry colleagues. You know the first question I ask them? “How did you find out about the artist.” And not ONE TIME have they said from being “sent” a music link on twitter.

People in general, but especially busy industry people do not have the time to listen to all the music being sent to them via twitter mentions. So why waste the time to send your music to a bunch of random people hoping they click it? That’s not promoting, marketing or social media. That’s one word. SPAMMING. Stop being lazy, do your research and learn how to market your music properly. Google is free, libraries are free, knowledge is free. Educate yourselves or get left behind.

2. Social Media beef is not cool, I don’t care who does it. When I was growing up, if I had a problem with someone, we would talk it out or take it to the hands. Nowadays, people (especially rappers) jump on twitter to diss their opponent first. Say word? Word. Leave the e-thuggin to the other lames and keep it moving. You’re better than that.

3. Stop tagging me on Facebook. I can’t even explain how many times people tagged me in videos and music that I had nothing to do with, [Laughs]. Do people think this works? Respect people’s space, we remember it.

4. Something a lot of people overlook, but I feel can go a long way in your online presence. Stop having scattered social names (url’s).

Example: Say your artist name is BeatStars, Your Twitter & Instagram would be @BeatStars and your Facebook fan page would be facebook.com/beatstars. Youtube would be youtube.com/beatstars.

Makes sense, right? It’s easy to remember, it’s clean, it’s professional. I continuously see artist with social media not like this. The Facebook page may be Bstars2353, the Instagram @bstars215 and the Twitter @bstarstv. Some don’t even have a youtube account. You know what this equals? Confusion. Not only are you sh*tting on your SEO, you are confusing the hell out of your potential fans. Keep it simple and keep it clean. But what if my name is already taken? You make it work! If @BeatStars was taken, we would make @RealBeatStars. Think outside the box, but be consistent.

5. Stop posting pictures of your illegal activities on Social Media, especially Instagram. Cops monitor all of this stuff. Loose lips sink ships, plus it’s not impressive!