5 Great Music Software Programs For Newbies (Via Mr. Mig)

My buddy over at Audiomaxx Studios & Maxx Beats sent over this cool breakdown of “5 Great Music Software Programs For Newbies”. Check out the list below.

I want to talk about something that I am constantly asked by new producers and recording artists.

After hearing the quality of my production work on big named artists like Beyonce, Lorde, Cher and countless others,  people often ask me..right away….

“What do you use to make everything sound so good?”

I think the misconception is that you have to have the most expensive software or studio setup to get quality results.

This is FALSE!

I have a saying…
“It’s The Ear..Not The Gear!”™ -Shirt Coming soon! lol.

I really hate seeing people get into the music production business and spend all their money on way too expensive equipment thinking that it’s going to make them sound better and then they’ll have a shortcut to success.

The truth is..
almost every piece of music production and beat making software out there does basically the SAME THING! 

It’s all about corporate marketing and branding.

when you find the production workstation that feels right and fits your needs, budget, etc. use it.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and try a few different ones!

Here is my honest opinion on the different options that I am familiar with..

Check Out: Apple Logic $199 

  • Great price
  • Great sound library
  • Great Audio Editing
  • Apple Makes It so it looks great and plays well with Apple computers

Check Out: Ableton Live $599

(Get the suite 9 option if anything.)
  • Great for DJ’ing,
  • Great for throwing together EDM or loop based music.
  • Mac and PC compatible.
Check Out: Protools 
Starts at $500 (can end up in the thousands for a decent setup with plugins)
  • I am personally not a fan. My last choice.
  • clunky workflow and not as streamlined as the others.
  • Very antiquated and outdated for the modern producer.
  • they have finally implemented options that other. software has had for 5 years like offline bounce.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Made for Beat Making
  • Similar to Native Instruments Maschine but at 1/20 th the price
  • sampler built in
  • comes with tutorials
  • thousands of sounds and effects included
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • anyone can use this. Perfect for beginners.

BTV SOLO Another promising one.
Endorsed by big name producers Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin and others!I haven’t had time to play with this software version of their hardware counterpart The Beat Thang (messed with Beat Thang at Guitar Center a while back..very cool..like an MPC) The BTV website has great videos and info about this product.
Check It Out HereIf it were me and I was just starting out,
I would go with either Logic for $199 or DR. Drum for $29.
Either is great to getting moving with beat making.
BTV Solo looks great too.

Your choice

Get Logic Here for $199

Get Dr. Drum Here for $29 
(Btw, they offer a money back guarantee!)

Check Out The BTV Solo Software Here

Choose the one that fits your needs!

Hope This Helps!

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