30HertzBeats Explains How He Found Success Selling Beats Online


Interview by DJ Pain 1

The internet has had a profound effect on the music industry– some of us remember the impact that the .MP3 file had and most of us can recall the transition from .99 cent song downloads to the now dominant streaming services.

And with this degree of change comes resistance. We have seen the traditional music industry resist the MP3 and the streaming service before fully embracing and absorbing it. Currently, we see the traditional music industry resisting the online beat selling marketplace, especially the backlash “type beat producers” have received.

Yet we also see the industry embrace the successes of these same producers, from Desiigner‘s “Panda,” to YBN Nahmir‘s “Rubbin off the Paint” and now to Queen Naija‘s “Medicine,” which is now a hot 100 single.

This beat, as many other recent hits that first started as beats uploaded to YouTube, was created by a BeatStars member.

The following is an interview with the producer of “Medicine,” whose name is 30HertzBeats and is a producer based in Germany who found success on the internet before he found success in the industry.

DJ Pain 1: How long have you been selling beats online?

30HertzBeats: I started selling beats in 2013, but it didn’t work because youtube was not a great platform for beats [at the time]. So I decided to produce only exclusively for artists. In 2016, I changed my sound to more Pop and R&B. This pushed my skills a lot and in May of 2017, I started selling beats (after I saw how big YouTube was for Type Beats). So exactly one Year now.

DJ Pain 1: You recently tweeted that you used to chase placements, but now sell beats online for a living. Before you started selling beats online, did you secure major placements?

30HertzBeats: No, before this, I only had some local artist placements, but I was always inspired by big producers. So I just produced and tried to be better and better.

DJ Pain 1: You also recently tweeted that you now make around $10,000 a month selling beats online. That’s a six-figure annual income. Though many producers such as yourself make solid incomes from selling beats online, there is still a stigma associated with “internet producers.” Why do you think the online beat selling model is met with so much criticism?

30HertzBeats: I think the hate comes because everyone can make beats now. So for example, to start producing beats you just need a DAW and some plugins. Because of this, there are so many more producers and they use Youtube to present their beats.

You cannot make good beats after a few months or even a year, your ear needs to be trained– which sound would fit perfect and which harmonies convey the best feelings.

There are a lot of producers out there that rush that part.

Also, the market changed more and more and the “pure” producers that only work with artists directly maybe have lost some customers due to the “type beat” sales, but if you ask me, they could also put up their beats for sale online.

DJ Pain 1: So you have only been selling beats online for a year, yet you’ve earned yourself nearly ten million YouTube views. What was your marketing strategy when you started selling beats online that lead to fast progress?

30HertzBeats: A portion is creating the best possible beats and also luck. With youtube, you need patience and you need to be consistent. I’ve made like 15 beats and when I dropped my “Feelings” beat, and the second day it switched to 25K views per day. I think YouTube checks if you could be a good content creator and if everything fits, they put the beat in “rotation” and unlock some “invisible doors,” you know?

DJ Pain 1: A lot of Beatstars producers recently posted their monthly earning statements. You might have started that conversation with your tweet about earning a monthly income of $10,000. How has that income changed your business model?

30HertzBeats: Yeah I saw it and the only thing that changed is that I focus now more on dropping enough good beats per week because when it comes to more subscribers, the “Adsense Money” will be bigger. I know some producers that make over 10k in a month just with Adsense. No chargebacks and a steady income.

DJ Pain 1: What are some mistakes you see producers make when starting to sell beats online?

30HertzBeats: Taking thumbnails that everyone uses and making beats that everybody makes. Be unique and have a good solid sound. That’s it.

DJ Pain 1: Do you ever use targeted advertising to promote your beats or do you rely on your subscriber base?

30HertzBeats: I never used promotions. Don’t or it will slow down your channel.

DJ Pain 1: How many beats should a producer upload a week to start building up a base of subscribers?

30HertzBeats: I would go with 3-4 beats a week, but from the start, 2-3 is good, after a certain time I would build up to 3-4, and if you have over 100K subs, 3-5 beats is a must.

DJ Pain 1: In the last three years, several beats that were found on the internet have become smash hits. As the number of producers uploading beats online increases, what do you think the future holds for internet producers?

30HertzBeats: The future of producers will be more independent if platforms like Beatstars and Youtube are doing numbers. I mean that we as producers on YouTube don’t need the industry. We have our business and don’t need any advances to live off of our music.

DJ Pain 1: What is new for 30Hertz in the second half of 2018?

30HertzBeats: I will drop a lot more beats this year. I also am working with management on some placements. I’ll be releasing a drumkit with Soundfuel.

I also will start running the second channel for my fellow producer partners called “Type Beat Season” and we will have a wide range of beats. Not only Trap.

DJ Pain 1: I just heard the song “Medicine,” that you produced for Queen Naija, at my gym recently. It’s currently inching past 60 million YouTube views on the music video alone. Is that your most successful song so far?

30HertzBeats: Yes it is, never thought that this beat would be so big and it has opened many new doors for me. There was a third uploaded audio-only video of “Medicine” online that already has over 60 million views. I think this song has passed 100 million views total.

DJ Pain 1: How did the “Medicine” situation happen? Did she find the beat on your YouTube or Beatstars site? How did you work out the business?

30HertzBeats: It was my “Feelings” beat that blew up on youtube. I think [Queen Naija] was looking for beats and found this one on my channel. The business side was very complicated because me and her were not in the music business, so there were a lot of additional people involved, also lawyers. But in the end, we reached a good agreement.

DJ Pain 1: Have your sales been increasing as a result of the success of “Medicine?”

30HertzBeats: Maybe a few % more in sales of other R&B Beats, but the hype of the “Feelings” beat slowed down, and that why I started to upload a new beat every other day, just to expand my catalog and to increase my sales.