BeatStars Exclusive: 18 Tips To Improve Your Soundcloud Page


Article Written By: Praverb

SoundCloud is an excellent resource for artists to get their music heard. It is a platform that is easy to use, easy to share and the platform encourages interaction. A lot of mainstream artists use it to premier singles and incomplete tracks.

SoundCloud can also be used for collaborative efforts. A lot of beginning SoundClouders struggle with obscurity. They struggle with building a following.

I decided to reach out to some SoundClouders, some with big followings and some with small followings and asked them one question.

Can you share one tip for building a loyal SoundCloud following?

1. Rapzilla
Use precise and relevant tags, and offer free downloads.

2. Handbook
Strong links between all social media that you use. Direct all traffic from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc to your SoundCloud.

3. Vanilla
It could only take one song to ostensibly boost your popularity or profile – something that is catchy, different and suggests your potential as an artist who might continue the same calibre of output in the future – and therefore worth following if you as a fan like it and want to hear more. And if a track is seen to be doing well then others will want in on it and that in my experience is how the word seems to spread.

4. Hunke
Sure! I’d say it’s incredibly important to be yourself. Don’t give disingenuous comments or fake praise. And don’t try to make music that doesn’t represent who you truly are. You might fool some, but eventually people pick up on who’s real and who’s fake.

5. Phonikz
Find artists with a similar style, find a song of theirs that has a lot of plays and search through the Reposts to find music channels/influential reposters who might want to post your music.

Make good music. A lot of people spend all their time trying to figure out promotional strategies when the issue is the fact that their music isn’t very good. Take the time to work on your craft. I spent 5 years making beats before I even released 1 song. I swear if some of these dudes spent as much time working on emceeing/beatmaking as they do making Facebook statuses/Soundcloud comments/etc the music would promote itself.

6. KBee Original
Treat it like a community… don’t just upload your music and sit back. Browse through the other users with the same tags as you or same groups you are in. Find people who you like the sound of and comment on their work and like etc.

SoundCloud is all about interaction unless you have a million fans behind you and your already established. It’s all about building a rapport with as many uploaders as possible…

Of course having good quality music is an obvious to otherwise your flogging a dead horse so to speak.h

7. Cor Stidak
While I’m not as active on SoundCloud as I was at one time, most of my listeners and “fans” came from SoundCloud and my activity there. I never was scared to show love and listen to new artists I hadn’t heard before. I’m a fan as much as an artist. Also I never played that ‘follow for follow’ game. I followed artists whose music I enjoyed and I listened and let them know I appreciated and many would sincerely return the favor.

It does seem now that there are so many more ‘artists’ out there now all trying to get exposure and likes and numbers. It’s very much a numbers game, but I just don’t concern myself with that. I just try to make honest music and stay true to what I do. I mean FlyLo or Stones Throw haven’t sent me a kite telling me how much they like my stuff but all the love I’ve gotten from aspiring artists and listeners like myself seems much more fulfilling to me.

Also I think what helped me was ‘strategic’ collabs, high output and projects that received a little blog love. There just seems to be so much more of everything that it’s easy to get overlooked while everyone is flocking to the same trends and artists.

8. Keor Meteor
All i can say is be nice follow the people you like, comment on the tracks you like and never never never say hey could you listen to my tracks lol.

9. Apani Smith
Put some good stuff on there and share the link often do not spam others! If it’s good people will share it. Get some blogs to talk about you. Share music to stay in the current stream.

10. Hexsagon
Add your tracks to soundcloud groups as well adding all your other social networks to your SoundCloud. Some of your SoundCloud listeners will add you on twitter, Facebook and even purchase stuff off your bandcamp if you have it all setup.

11. Croup
Continuously upload good music and get Reposted by popular peeps.

12. Soulchef
Go Pro! It helps if you are gonna be uploading a lot of content and are willing to give away free downloads.

13. Youri
My tip would be to always make sure your SoundCloud is up to date. You don’t want someone to go on your profile or music page and feel like no one have been there in the last 3 months or so.

14. Adrian Stresow
Be genuine. Repost music you like, but not so much to where people don’t know which music is actually yours

15. IV the Polymath
I would say just keep posting songs & tagging them with relevant tags. Get involved in groups & share your songs there. Just keep at it, stay consistent, & over time it will grow. Also listen to & leave comments on other people’s tracks, but do it without the expectation of them returning the favor.

16. Gorilla Mic
Sharing your music in appropriate groups for the format of the sound will get you additional viewership/listeners — Reaching out to your ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will also open doors for you to expand your network further, whether on or off of SoundCloud. Consider the benefits of someone liking you based on your personal taste in music, before your appearance.

17. GodzG
If you dig something you hear on comment and like. Show that artist you appreciate there work don’t spam them with your work.

18. Eseme
Take the time to listen to other artists’ music in your targeted demographic (soundcloud group) and drop a comment if you dig what you hear. That most of the time initiates the networking and relationship building. Establishing that common ground is what builds the fanbase. Support to get support.