10 Sci-Fi Beats We Love (Eclipse Edition)


The BeatStars staff and I search the site daily looking for the dopest beats (and songs) from our members, but today was different. Today I was going to take some time out of my day for myself, and experience a Solar Eclipse.

As lunchtime passed, I headed outside to experience this (possible) once in a lifetime event.

While staring directly at the sun (with the proper glasses on of course) I thought of one thing…

“I wonder how many dope sci-fi type beats we have on the platform.”

After the totality passed, and I moved back inside, I got digging. With the help of the BeatStars staff, we created a playlist with some of our favorite “Eclipse” inspired joints.

Shout-out to all the producers who made the Sci-Fi (Eclipse) edition, Enjoy ??

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10 Sci-Fi Beats We Love (Eclipse Edition) Tracklist:

1. The Martianz – “Eclipse”

2. Purple Ink – “Eclipse”

3. Richie Beatz – “Space Age”

4. Dreamlife Beats – “Space Gang”

5. 2 Deep Beats – “Spacesuit”

6. Boundless Beats – “Nine”

7. Johnny Juliano – “Numb”

8. The Beat Plug x Xavior Jordan – “Nasa”

9. Spacedtime – “Deja Vu”

10. Yondo – “Space Bound”