10 Nas Inspired Beats We Love On BeatStars


In honor of Nas‘ birthday today, we wanted to cover some of the dopest Nas Inspired Beats on the site.

Shout-out to all the producers who made the Special Nas Edition and we look forward to hearing all the new music on BeatStars!

Nas Inspired Beats Tracklist:

1. Urban Soul Factory – “Inner City Flowers”

2. Beatz Low Key – “Old School”

3. Evil Genius – “The Platform”

4. Omid G. – “Where Will I Go”

5. Big Boy Traks – “Big Business”

6. Jay Bias – “Victory”

7. Tellingbeatz – “Reflection”

8. Allrounda – “Back In Time”

9. Dreamlife Beats ft. Breana Marin – “Lord Forgive Me”

10. Anno Domini – “If You”