10 Beats We Love This Week (Episode 2 – Playlist)


We search the site daily looking for the dopest beats (and songs) from our members. We thought it would make sense to share 10 of those beats with you per week via a custom playlist.

Shout-out to all the producers on the second episode and we look forward to hearing all the new music on BeatStars!

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10 Beats We Love This Week (Episode 2) Tracklist:

1. Pitt ThaKid – “No One Else Pt. 2”

2. Tellingbeatzz – “When I Was Up”

3. 2Deep Beats – “Long Way From Home”

4. Nate Vibez – “Funghi”

5. Dreamlife – “Midnight Aesthetic”

6. Allrounda – “We Try”

7. Prodlem x Heavy Keyzz – “Tired”

8. Real Talk Beatz – “No Smoke”

9. KevinKBeats – “Money Call”

10. Tecknowledgy – “Pavements”

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